It all started with a dream

the dream that my art will give me the freedom to do and experience whatever I want!


Not that easy when, like me, you are born into a family in which engineering is the only real thing and art is seen as jobless. But at some point I had the courage and went on my very own path and ways and possibilities kept opening up for me.

But let’s start from the beginning: My journey began in the small town of Naumburg an der Saale, where I was born as the daughter of a nurse and an engineer and grew up in a wonderful, natural setting with a view of the vineyards, the Saale valley and the castles there.

As a child I was a free spirit – imaginative, active, a bit stubborn and uncomfortable. A bit shy in some places. and in my creative work, in nature and with my pets, I always found joy and comfort.

My parents were very busy with their lifelong dream, so that there were many opportunities for me to think in different channels, to listen to myself and to believe in the voice in my heart. But again and again I also had doubts. When I was at elementary school I took a pottery course and nobody could have guessed at that time that it would affect my later life. The place wasn’t very tempting. It was in a cold room, an old building, in a dark, gray backyard. And the leader also found me too young, but tolerated me and let me di my things. I loved shaping the clay between my fingers and letting my first animal figures flow out of my hands. The foundation stone for my profession as a sculptor was laid!

After many years of self-discovery, in 2005 I had the opportunity to move into the Künstlerhaus Dresden / Loschwitz and two years later to take over the former studio of Hermann Glöckner, Sascha Schneider and others … how wonderful. From now on I just wanted to make art! I experimented with different materials and styles in both painting and sculpture. Wonderful, large-scale dot paintings were created, and my bronze sculptures have also grown larger and more special over the years.

For many years this felt good and right to me. Over time, however, a longing kept growing in me, which I tried to satisfy with all my further training in yoga, Ayurveda, personal development and coaching. Until I realized more and more that I felt trapped in the big city, that my insides couldn’t breathe and that I long for something completely different. Something that I already liked as a small child and that no big city can give me and that is nature, the silence, the air, the space, the freedom …

That’s why we bought a four-sided farm in the small village of Cunnersdorf / Hohnstein that was in need of renovation. Here on the northern edge of Saxon Switzerland, I am surrounded by wonderful nature. Here I am in the right place to let my creativity continue to blossom!


Since 2020 Realization of her dream of a „Lichtraum“ as a meeting place for art and spirituality – extension of a four-sided courtyard in the Saxon Switzerland
2020 Stipend „Denkzeit“
2018 Training to become an ayurvedic health advisor
2018 Training to become a Yin-Yoga teacher
2017 Training to become a Laughter-Yoga teacher
2015 Training to become an Aerial-Yoga teacher
2014 – 2016 Yoga therapy training
2012 – 2014 Training to become a Sivananda-Yoga teacher
2010 – 2017 Initiator of the annual local art fair in Naumburg/ Saale
2007 Birth of daughter Coco Lynn
Since 2007 Working as a freelance artist in Dresden; member of several art associations (BKK, Sächsischer Künstlerbund, Dresdner Künstlerbund e.V.)
2006 Birth and death of daughter Lucy Lee
Since 2006 Nearly yearly working stays in a thai buddha foundry for several weeks to model and cast bronze sculptures
2005 Relocation into the „Künstlerhaus Loschwitz“ in Dresden
1998 Birth of daughter Stella Angélique
1997 – 2002 Studies of art history (major subject), classical archeology (minor subject) and psychology (minor subject) at the „Friedrich-Schiller“-University in Jena
1995 – 1997 Studies of civil engineering at the „Bauhaus“-University in Weimar
1995 Abitur (final school examination in Germany)
1976 Born in Naumburg/ Saale (Germany)