Art needs space. Space needs art. Art needs dreams. Dreams take time. Time needs flow. Flow needs space. And that is natural space. Free space. Global space. Habitat. Inner space. We seem to have little time. Limited space for dreams. And hardly any space for our senses, to think and feel. For ourselves. To reflect. For our ways.

Just as we have taken away the natural habitat of the rivers,, their dynamism, their liveliness through straightening or concrete channels, so also people are in danger of losing their passion and vitality.

As humans we largely consist of water. It is our elixir of life. Without water we freeze, harden, become rigid and inflexible on the physical and mental level. Through the power of water everything comes to life and begins to flow. Just as the color in my paintings comes into motion with a lot of water, comes into flow … a journey begins. In the grand scheme of things, everything has its course, its purpose …

I hope I create spaces for you with my works, periods of time, spaces to linger, objects to take root, dreams to come true, shades of color to sink into. How long this dream room lasts is up to you. How much time are your rooms worth to you? How many rooms do your dreams have? Treat yourself to this time, this art, this space, this dream!