On the trail of the guardians – I developed the majority of these guardian figures in 2008 on the Andaman coast of Thailand from clay sediments of a river delta. It started with the Guardian of Satisfaction to give a plastic expression to my state of mind.

The material and the inspiration were brought into harmony by the flow of the hands and a series of calm beings developed with a shimmering, smooth surface that invites you to caress. They emerged as if by themselves, through the desire to make the invisible visible and the charm of the incomprehensible. You personify many things that are close to my heart: compassion, health, serenity, strength, contentment, happiness, etc.

My most important sources of inspiration are the gargoyles on Naumburg Cathedral, as well as dealing with other cultures and their fetishes that I encountered on my travels. For almost 30 years in Naumburg I had the opportunity to get closer to the gargoyles on the cathedral and to feel their significance.

Despite the origin of the idea, it is clear that these works do not reflect either European gargoyles or Asian temple guards, they have their very own identity. Probably as Goethe describes the events of Walpurgis Night in Faust II:

“Have really taken a seat,
don’t know how it happened.
Don’t ask where they come from
we are here now.”

Goethe, Faust II, 2nd act

The arrival of the guardian figures can hardly be described more accurately. They are to be understood as the objectification of the divine power, which has been transformed into independent sculptural works through my mind and the flow of my hands. They are to be understood both as a lucky talisman and as an amulet to ward off enemies. Her magic is said to dispel the fear of demons through her lovely manner.