First there is a motif in my head that wants to be represented. I put the first dots, mostly in the middle of the picture. Shapes take shape, colors correspond, life begins on the painting. I immerse myself in painting. I dream myself into the world of colors, the rising thoughts indicate the direction. A story is about to begin. I’ll see what happens.

And the story grows pictorially, very spontaneously. There is an interplay between the physical painting process and ideas and associations that arise from the subconscious and influence what has already arisen. Which lead it to a new shape, to a change, to a status that satisfies me.

My way of painting pictures is enveloped in the abstraction of the dots in order to make them unrecognizable and unreadable for outsiders. It is my own inner stories, my environment, my dreams, my surroundings and my ideas integrated into idyllic harmony and beauty.